Adding vera device remotely

Downloaded this app and trying to add my vera device but having trouble. It’s asking me for a mios account. I have an account on that I use to connect through the MMS vera app on my phone, but that doesn’t seem to work. I may not be understanding what the mios account is or what I’m doing wrong :frowning:

If you are not running the beta / alpha version of AutHomationHD 3.3.X.X or newer, it will not work with UI6. If you have the play store version and not part of the beta / alpha group, it will not work. Which version are you running?

  • Garrett

App version:

You will need to use the beta / alpha version. The play store version specifically states it will not work with UI6.

  • Garrett

Ah ok -
How do I go about getting the beta?

Information about the Beta / Alpha releases can be found in this very sub-forum. Here is a direct link to the information:,25219.0.html

  • Garrett