Adding Variables To HomeWave

Hi intveltr

Not sure how best you want ideas for future releases posted, but here’s another feature request for you…

I’d love to have the ability to show variables on an HomeWave screen.

For example i could build a report view which shows me a list of devices and when certain variables were last changed. This could also be useful when I put a motion sensor on the screen, as i could then add the ‘Last Tripped’ variable value underneath it so I can see if the last time motion was seen/tripped matches with the time I left the house etc. (or check when was the light was last turned off, or the door was opened etc)

Just in case you’ve not been told recently, HomeWave is an amazing app !!!

Please keep posting requests in this forum :slight_smile: It’s the easiest way to track and discuss them.

I like the idea to have the ability to add variables to controls. I am currently overhauling the way HomeWave extracts and filters data, and under the new system this would be quite easy to add. One obvious variable would be power consumption as reported by Z-wave switches that support this, but last tripped would be another useful measure. The tricky bit is displaying it; this requires some more code redesign.

Thanks Intveltr

Using your grid system, I can visualise myself using it to add the proposed new Variable value field to the screen, which I could then format the text to align it to how I want it to look and be positioned (centre/left/right/top/bottom)

I also like the the potential in this idea of creating a list of key devices and their associated variables next to them, e.g

I could create a 4 column and 10 row grid layout and in the first column i would add a label field for the device name and then in the next add a Variable value for Battery Level, in the next the Variable Value for Last Tripped and in the last i could maybe show the current Device Status. (The options would be endless)

having it in a future release would really open up the ability for HomeWave users to create a ‘live’ device status report showing them a list of required/key devices and their key variable values

  • if you could convert Linux date/time to human ones that would be a huge help.

Talking about variables…

Some kind of control for sonos in Homewave App ?

maybe show what is playing in each room ? and in what volume level ?

I think this is related to read variables on sonos device…no ?

Depends on the Sonos plugin. If that plugin reports those values, the Multi Value control in HomeWave will be able to display them.

I’d Love the ability to view what’s playing in a Sonos zone.