Adding multiple codes and restrictions

I have nine rental properties that all have Vera Edges and Schlage deadbolts. The time it takes to set a door code and restriction is crazy. Two minutes feels like a lifetime when you have ten codes to set for s single property. Multiply times nine and you can see my frustration.

I need a plug-in that will let me add multiple codes and restrictions at once. It seems like this should be technically possible.

Does one exist or do any devs want to take this on? Willing to pay!

Yale Assure locks look nice and work well

zwave modules are available in the US frequency but not EU frequency

Has Vera thought about enabling this feature in their Zigbee enabled controller as a work around ?

Alternatively has Yale thought about an EU frequency module as im sure both solutions would increase sales
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We have over 100 properties and over 25 default pin codes we need to add per unit. I am currently in the process of doing this manually… a very tedious task. :cry:

Have there been any plug-ins created yet to add new pins to all controllers under a single account? We would gladly consider paying for this capability.

Vera devs: Please consider this use case. Not all of your customers have 1 or 2 controllers.


We are working on software that does exactly this, stay tuned, we should have the MVP available by end of the year.


The situations you are describing are more commercial applications versus residential applications which arguably is what the Vera product is aimed at.
I too have rental properties and Vera works for me.
Have you looked into commercial products or services?

That would be nice to have for sure. But what irritates me is that I can’t enter PIN codes via the Android App on my phone. I have no information about my locks at all on the app except my device name and which room it’s assigned. It would be nice to program a PIN code via the android app and not just the desktop app.

The IOS version of the mobile app will let you add pins and if I remember correctly, delete them.

The IOS version of the mobile app will let you add pins and if I remember correctly, delete them.[/quote]

Not buying an iphone just to set PIN codes. LOL But good to know that the apps are different. Why would that be?