Adding Fibaro FGS-212 FGS-222 (Double Relay Switch)

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I was wondering how did you guys add Fibaro FGS-222 to Vera (UI7) devices. I don’t see it in the list of devices to add.
Should I try to add it as a General Z-Wave Device or do I miss something?

PS. I’ve seen there are 2 versions of switches FGS-212/FGS-213 for Single and FGS-222/FGS-223 for double but I can’t find any descriptions for the differences…


Any luck with this one??

I added a 213 as a generic zwave device… it added ok, but with 2 child devices which I just made invisible.

Yeah, added just fine as a generic device

Is “instant staus” working on your device?
What I mean is, does Ui show state change instantly for each channel on the child devices when you switch device on/off via the physical switches?

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Hi pls90,

yes my FGS222 works fine. Any change (pressing the physical switches manually) will be shown in the UI.

ah, I see, thank you! did you do any custom changes to capabilities or anything else?

Hi pls90,

not to the FGS-222. They worked just ‘out of the box’.
For the FGS-223 I applied the fix (changes in the capabilities and some other properties) descripted here in the forum.
But the FGS222 worked without any intervention.

Hi, Where and how do i set the configuration fot the FGS-222 when used with pulsbutton instead the normal switch in Vera?

In case you still looking to change the switch type connected to S1 or S2, check the manual. There should be something called configuration parameter required. For my FGS-223 it was parameter 20 where you can choose/set three different switch types. For FGS-222 it should be parameter 14. Check the manual on the Fibaro website for your exact model. The thing you are lookign for is called “switch type”, toggle or momentary.