adding Ecolink Garage Door sensor to Vera using UI7

I bought the new VeraEdge and new Ecolink Garage door sensor, by Adding devices from UI7 I had the sensor paired and added, but it shows as Motion sensor, does not have the status as variable…anyone has experience on this and how to fix it? I want to get the status so to know if the Garage door is opening or closing.

I am having the exact same issue, so I hope someone replies.

Same thing here, also I setup device notifications and it keeps sending multiple random notification once closed or opened even though the state is not changing. I used this sensor with another controller and it would only alert me on status changes and it showed up as a Door Sensor.

Same problem here,

I replaced the device file and the device json under the params with the door sensor ones and managed to get the icon changed. It is still listed with all the motion sensors when sorted by type though… Now I have other problems with this sensor triggering unwanted alarms I have not programmed in.