Adding ADC-SEM210 as secondary z-wave controller

Good morning,
I have a DSC PowerSeries 1864 alarm system, that I interface with my Vera system via a Envisalink 4. My system has been unmonitored since installation, but I’m finally getting around to setting up monitoring with The cellular communicator that I am getting, a ADC-SEM210-PS-AT, has a built in z-wave controller. There is no way I am transferring my entire network over to use their controller over Vera, but I’m wondering if anyone has set it up as a secondary controller. I’ve come across Youtube videos of similar situations, where they are using a Lync alarm system as a secondary z-wave controller with a Samsung Smarthings hub.

The concerns the Alarmgrid tech brought up are exactly mine. As far as I’m aware, the interface doesn’t have the robust logic (if/then conditions) that I can and have programmed into my Vera system through PLEG and various plugins. I would still like the ability to see my z-wave system through the interface.

Does anyone have any experience with this?