Add Smoke Sensor to monitored device category

I added a 2GIG SMOKE DETECTOR SENSOR 345 to my VeraSecure. Pretty cool way to integrate traditional wired smokes into HA.

They use urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SmokeSensor:1, is there an easy way to add the monitoring of its status to EventWatcher? I know it will never trip, but would like it logged to Syslog if it happens. Assuming my Syslog makes it thru the fire. Of course I have notifications built, so I am covered there…

That looks really cool - I have it in my Amazon cart for now. I see you added it on a Secure. Reading the installation instructions, it generally speaks of connecting it to a compatible 2Gig control panel but the literature does not specifically state it is a z-wave device. If it uses ZigBee, I will be SOL sin ce I have a Vera 3 and not ready for a new controller just yet.

Can you confirm it uses z-wave?

I think you already answered this on another thread, but in case anyone else wants to know:

It uses “VeraLink”, not z-wave or zigbee. It is a 345 mhz protocol that 2GIG uses - and which is integrated into the VeraSecure (only)…

Thanks for confirming.

Yes, as described in the documentation…

[quote=“EventWatcher User Guide, p. 12”] Logging Other Variables

In addition to the usual category-based method of defining which devices to watch, an additional feature allows ANY serviceId/variable to be watched.
The device variable parameter ExtraVariablesFile defines the location of a file with the description of one variable per line in the format devNo.serviceId.Variable. This file is read at startup and the requested variables added to the watch list.
So, for example, my ExtraVariablesFile is set to /www/EWextras.conf, and that file contains:


I can’t make it work. Created text file EWextras.conf in notepad with the required information, then loaded via SCP to /www/EWextras.conf. Added the entry /www/EWextras.conf to the variable ExtraVariablesFile.

Right now it is: 256.urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:Doorbell:1.Tripped 253.urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SmokeSensor:1.Tripped

I also tried:

256.urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:Doorbell1.Tripped 253.urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SmokeSensor1.Tripped
Since I have seen the : removed in some examples. Still not showing up in the list of watched variables…

I switched to the real Service IDs and it works.

256.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1.Tripped 253.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1.Tripped

I think I am missing something completely obvious. Where is this “ExtraVariablesFile”? I have everything else in place but I cannot figure out this step? Where is it or what is it? I know the answer has to be so simple but it has eluded me. I have looked at page 12 of the manual and every thread I can find and I still have no idea how to figure this out.

It doesn’t exist a priori, you have to create it, and you can put it wherever you like. From the example above, it was located in /www/EWextras.conf. The whole purpose of the device variable is to point to its location and name.

Okay, so I have created the file EWextras.conf and placed it in the /www/ folder. Thats all I can figure out at this point. This is what is in the file so far “2258.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1.Tripped”. What else needs to be done? Do I just create the file and place it there? I was under the impression there was another step?

Thank you again for your help with this.

You need to set the location of that file as the value of EventWatcher’s ExtraVariablesFile variable.

Then reload Luup.

Okay so that’s my problem. When I go to variables in the device, that’s not listed. I downloaded the app from within the vera. Is there another version?

What version are you running?

Looks like I’ve got 2014.01.23

Very out of date, without the feature you are looking for.

The latest master branch in GitHub is v 16.11.16, development branch is v18…

You can manually replace the files from GitHub, or install the AltAppStore plugin and download from there. I gave up trying to update the MCV App Store long ago, because it’s so frustrating.

Wonderful info. I’ll try that. Thank you so much.

Got it all working as you might imagine. My question though is how would I have figured that out? I feel like I searched high and low but never knew I could get the latest release that way. Thank you again!

That’s a fair question. Where would it have been easiest for you to find the information?

I feel like the manual would be the most read document.

Again, fair enough.

I haven’t updated the manual for ages (because little has changed) but I did note locations to get this in the version log thread…