Add/Remove Devices cause vera (UI7) to "hang"

Since I don’t know when my setup has some strange behaviour.

When I want to add/remove zwave devices, vera is “hanging” and not responsive anymore. Rebooting, multiple browsers, clearing cache, nothing resolve this.

The “Add/Remove: Add new devices now” blue bar sometimes comes, sometimes not.
The “Add/Remove: Add new devices now” blue bar never goes away after it came.
The green “waiting wheel” is always there and somtimes never goes away.
And general unresponsiveness of the vera.

After resetting, waiting long enough, rebooting the problems keep arrising…

I have submitted a case but have noticed this problem came up after the latest UI7 release.

Am I alone?

You’re not alone. I had a first generation Vera with UI5 and had very little issues adding devices. I upgraded to an Edge and UI7 and I see many of the same issues you do. I’ve had the spinning green thing onscreen for 5 minutes at a time when trying to add/remove/re-add devices and the timer frequently runs out before the spinner goes away or before the “Add new devices now” text shows up.

I had the issue when trying to migrate my settings from the original Vera, and even after doing a full reset and rebuilding my setup from scratch.

I assumed this was just part of the buggyness of UI7 that everyone was bitching about and have accepted it as a painful part of expanding the system.

I resolved this by moving vera to a network without upnp devices in it. Search the forum, there’s a whole thread about it.