Add Generic or Other Z-Wave Device?

Hello Everone

I’ve started to build a new Z-wave network in my house and when i add modules so is few of them in the list in the new Ui7.
So have have to add the using “Generic Z-wave Device” or the “Other Z-wave Device” tab.

So my question is, what is the difference between the two of the to add new devices? Which to use?

With my UI7 / VeraEdge, I will try to use the correct category first. For example, if adding a dimmer, look under dimmers for the manufacturer and model. If there, use it. Otherwise peek at “other devices” and see if it is there. If not, use “generic”. Vera will include the device and probably (still some bugs) correctly identify the unlisted dimmer.

A few devices like battery powered sensors require a power cycle (remove battery and wait, then reinsert) after being included to configure completely.

Sometimes reloading the luup engine (reboot Vera…) helps the inclusion process along.