Add device to watched variables?

I am trying to understand why my door lock is unlocked in the mornings. I have had no luck getting DataMine or DataYours working and thought I should try EventWatcher.

Could someone please explain (like I am a 5 year old) how to add a specific device to the watched variables and getting a log over 24 hours? The door locks device ID on my Vera is 759.

Adding a specific variable is described on the last page of the documentation here,37308.msg278536.html#msg278536

Ah, I apparently had an old user guide. The one I had ended with “Logging to syslog server”.

However, I still do not understand what I have to do to have add a door lock device to the watched variables?

Do you know how to create/edit a file and put it in the specified place?

The syntax is described in the docs. Your device number is whatever it is (say, 123); the serviceId is “urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:DoorLock1”; the variable is probably “Status” (depends on what you want to look at.)

The required line in the file would be