ADC-S2000-T-RA Temperature Sensors

Hi I’m very new to Vera, thanks to WINK. I’ve managed to get all my Z-Wave devices reconnected and even learned how to extend my devices names past the 20 character limit, thank you community. Vera learns the sensor as a “genericsensor1” and will not display the temperature. I know I can wright code to fix this issue but I don’t now where to even begin. I’m technically inclined but when it comes to line code it looks like an alien language. The temperature is actually displayed when I go into Advanced, Variables and scroll down to “CurrentTemperature”. But when I go to the device it only shows the name of the device and below that it shows some text that reads “level”. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

In advanced - params for the device

Change the
serviceID to - urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:TemperatureSensor:1
and the device_file and device_json to - D_TemperatureSensor1 with original extensions,
and category number to 16
Reload luup and hard refresh your browser

That worked!
Thank you :blush:

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