AD2USB Interfacing Issues

Hi all,

I have searched the forums for a similar post and I couldn’t find the solution I am looking for. I just purchased an AD2USB adapter to interface with the veralite 3 that I have. I currently have 8 switches 2 door locks and 2 outlets, all of which are working perfectly. My issue is the AD2USB is showing up with an LUA Startup Error and wont read anything from the panel. I hooked the AD up to the computer and was able to arm and disarm the alarm with the virtual keypad with no issue at all. Maybe I am missing something. Here are the steps that I did in order to interface it and hook it up.

  1. I connected the AD2USB to the alarm panel.
  2. I downloaded the 2.45 Plugin on my veralite which is running UI5.
  3. I made sure the AD’s address was 18 and that address 18 was enabled on my Vista 20P Panel.
  4. I plugged the USB into the vera.
  5. I got the startup error only on the Alarm panel device in vera.

Is there other settings that I need to change (com port etc.), if so where do I do that and how do I figure out which virtual com port vera assigned to the AD2USB?

Please advise.

Go to Apps, Develop Apps, Serial Port configuration. (See screenshot)