AD2USB getting started manual or link ?

Kevin @ Nutech has been great helping me get my AD2USB talking to my alarm panel, and that works fine now. Next step is connecting to vera.

I have not seen a getting started guid with step by step instructions (ie install plugin , configure these parameters, etc, on these screens in UI7, etc, etc).

If you have successfully installed this device in UI7, and can please point me in the right direction, I would appreciate any help you can give!



I can confirm the AD2USB on the laptop can control and see the alarm panel. The serial port on Vera shas been enabled by VERA tech support, I no longer get a cannot communicate message, both the partition and the Alarm panel plugin now have no errors.

I enter my PIN code, press store, and get a success message. I cannot get any further, and need some help. Not sure what to enter on the CHEAT SHEET section. Does the system, when correctly configured, create a device on its own automatically?

Thanks for any help! ???

Fair warning: I have zero experience with UI7. But the best resource for your questions is this page:

The system will not create its own device. You’ll need to install and configure the plugin as instructed on that page. Good luck.

@ DeltaNu1142 . Thanks, that is very helpfull. I was looking for a UI7 version, but it may not have changed. I think my issue is :,26993.0.html

Waiting for my laptop to charge before I head over to the panel and try that out. Thanks again for the advice!