Activating aux outputs

With the RequestPolicePanic action, the siren doesn’t trigger, it just activate the Aux 2 relay
Same thing for the RequestFirePanic action
With the RequestMedicalPanic action, nothing happens at all.

This could serve ou needs in case if we connect one zone to the aux outputs. That way when the aux is triggered, the zone is tripped and the alarm gets triggered, but I am no sure if it is a desirable way to do it.


Is there a way to use this information to activate the aux outs for garage or solenoid activation? possibly rename the trigger and change variables to allow for other aux outs to be activated? can it be set to trigger momentarily or placed in a scene to set on/off times?

i don’t know anything about the programming of this luup, but it seems as though there is a capability there if it is in fact triggering the aux .