Activate Away mode with trigger wire output from alarm system

Hi. New to Vera.
My alarm system cannot be directly integrated w Vera but I did request the installer drop an NO trigger wire that is closed when the alarm system is activated. I would like to use this output to have Vera change to Away state when I activate the alarm.

Is there a zwave appliance that can detect closed circuits or electrical input I could use for this purpose? Any other thoughts?

I’m rather new to Vera myself and have a lot to learn, but I already did what you are trying to do…

use the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor…

Check this thread to start:

Then there are some others…

Mine is a very basic implementation, and still it isn’t what I’d like it to be, but the basic task of putting Vera into “Away” mode when the alarm panel is armed, and then to arm some Vera’s sensors to get notified is something happens in my house while I’m away, is easily accomplished…

Hope this helps in setting you on the right path…

Thanks for the link. I am close to getting this up and running using Mimolite relay/input device.

Just can’t find the PLEG or Luup code to change to Away status.



[quote=“jmestes, post:3, topic:197197”]Just can’t find the PLEG or Luup code to change to Away status.[/quote]See:,26903.msg191591.html#msg191591

luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1","SetHouseMode", {Mode = 2}, 0)

Use a PLEG action with PLEG device as the action device … there is a SetHouseMode action.