Actions based on weather forecast: rain, snow, etc.

I’m Canada and just installed some heating carpets on the front stairs, outside.
When there is a snowfall forecasted, I would like to turn them on automatically. When the snow stops I would also like to turn off the heating carpets.

Any idea on how I can do that ? With the weather plugin ?



Yes. You could do that with the weather plugin. I have not tried it but i use the plugin to keep the pipes from freezing but turning on my hot water actuator.

You would just need to create a scene with the trigger that uses:

Device: World Weather
What type of event is the trigger: Weather Condition (Detailed)
Name: Snow (or anything)
Condition: Snow Storm

Create as many triggers as you want for each type of condition such as “Chance of Snow”

Then Under action, select the device that turns the heated carpet ON.

Hope that makes sense.