Action on waterflow only if it is flowing constantly?

I have a watermeter that reports waterflow and volume consumed.
I want to have an action trigged when away and there has has been water constantly flowing for a period of time.

I tried a condition that fired on “waterflow > 0” but that give false alarms due to the fact that I have an ice machine that fills water from time to time. I also somtimes have my washer and dishwasher running when away.

Is there a way to build a condition that only fires if the input value constantly has been above a certain level for a period of time?

I think you need 2 conditions and I’ll think it could look like this.
cWaterflow “waterflow > 0”
cWaterflowAlert "cWaterFlow AND (cWaterFlow; NOW > 2:00)

The first sets the condition cWaterFlow to True when water flows
The second condition becomes true if the first is true and still is true after 2 minutes

The second condition is the one to alert you or turn off the water

I have been meaning to build a water sensor device for my house … and use logic like this to alert me of accidental waste. What type of sensor do you have ?

I have rain water only, and I can store about 5 months of water. We can go 3 months without significant rain.
So when I do something stupid and blow two months of water in two days … I start taking fewer and shorter showers. Your lucky you only know me via this forum :wink:

Since water can be flowing due to the ice machine at T=0 and due to the washer some minutes later I need to monitor if there is constant flow for a longer period of time. I need something like this: water flowing every minute or two for a period of one hour.

My senor is an arduino pulse sensor that reads the turning wheel on my water meter. The senors is based on the example shown on [url=][/url]

Ok. But could you use a timer? waterflow>0 starts the timer and waterflow ==0 stops and reset it.
If the timer runs out you got problem. :slight_smile:
I dont know if its possible. Just an idea that came up