Action based on multiple timers and events?

In Scenes, if you setup multiple timers and events for a single scene, will the scene execute only if all of the criteria setup is met?
So for instance, if it is one hour after sunset and the temperature is above 78 degrees, turn on the kitchen light.

If you want to get really complex, is that when you click on Luup scene? Are there any samples of some luup scene’s that people have setup using the PING, temperature, motion sensor, etc. luup plugins?

Would like to be able to do stuff like ping my iPhone to see if I’m home and if the outside temperature is higher than 78 degrees, turn on the ceiling fans in the house.
Ping my iPhone to see if I am home, if the state has changed from not home to home, and if the front porch light is off, and it is at least 30 minutes after sunset, turn on the front porch light so that I can find the key hole and open the door. (I know I could use a schlage lock but they are still too ugly to me).

Luup is the answer, many examples are on the forum, especially in the Luup section: