ACT Homepro double and triple click usage in scenes

I have many ACT/Homepro in wall switches ZDW120 etc that have the group association feature. Group 2 is activated when double clicking, group 3 when triple clicking.
This works well for asscoiating real zwave devices directly with the switch.

What I want to do but can’t figure how to is make such a double/triple click trigger a Vera scene. I thought this should be doable by associating Vera itself as one of the controlled devices. I’ve looked through the forums up and down, but can’t find an answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What I did is create an association with the devices that I want one when I double tap the switch. Once that action happens you can create a scene with an event such as these light turned on.

Vera is by default associated to all groups but currently you cannot trigger a scene with a switch in the way you want.
As @wseverino suggested you can work around that by assigning a device as the event / trigger for the scene.


Thanks, I understand the work-around using an actual device as the status. It seems silly though to have to use a bank of actual dimmers to use as real switches just to trigger a scene.

When is Vera going to support such scene control? It seems a pretty basic feature you want from a home automation control system.


I dont have that answer.
We all have our own wishlist of sorts, but having a stable platform is the #1 priority at the moment.
I would suggest you post a feature request on Mantis.


Thanks, I will post the feature request as you suggest. What is Mantis though? Is that a particular forum area?


Mantis is MCV’s main bug reporting site, it’s also used for feature requests.



Thanxs for the link, but reviewing the database, there seems to be no activity since 9/9/2010 am I not understanding something… It implies that nobody is working fixes since last Sept or is there another problem database somewhere else?

I think the date of 2010-09-09 only shows when you are not logged in or logged in anonymously.
When I log in I see different dates.

The link below regarding battery warning not setting was submitted by me on 2010-10-09 and last updated 2010-10-27 as being assigned to the c_team and I would guess MCV has some sort of triage to where they prioritze the submissions.

The latest assigned submission was assigned (web_team) 2010-12-22
The latest resolved submission was resolved (it_team) 2010-12-22


:-* Thanxs for the rapid come back… and clarifing the difference. In the absence of of seeing any MCV participation within these forums one is left to assume the worst. Are you somehow plugged into knowing when/if a new release will avail it self anytime soon? Mike

Only MCV knows WHEN a release will happen, but IF one will be coming IMHO is just a matter of time.