Accidentally factory reset a Vera Edge, how restore?


I have been in contact with Vera /Ezlo support because I couldn’t log in locally on my Vera Edge.

The last advice was to reset the network. Put in a small pin in the device reset hole for 8 sec.
Said and done, device leds looks normal again after a couple of minutes.
But this didn’t reset just the network, it reseted my Vera to factory settings!!

Now support doesn’t answer, and I have no clue what to do.
I have an old backup stored locally, but isn’t there an online backup also?
How do I get that?

Log in to your Vera account here:

Select your Vera controller and connect to it.

Then in the UI7 menu go to Settings - Backup area.

Vera auto backups to their cloud servers, so you should have plenty of backups to choose from, select one so its ticked

Make sure you tick the “Restore Z-Wave network” option also and then hit the restore button.

Thanks, but since it is factory reset it is not connected to my account anymore.

Can I go thru the setup guide again and add it to my account again, and then see the auto backups?

Yes do that

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Thank you!
This worked!

But fore some reason the latest backup was a couple of days old so now I need support to redo their other fixes.