Accessing the UI over wifi without an internet connection?

I want to demonstrate Vera without an internet connection being available - I know I can use an ethernet cable between Vera2 and the laptop (which works ok) but I want to use Vera’s wifi connection and also maybe use an android tablet instead of a laptop but they wont connect with Vera. I’ve tried using the static IP given in the set-up instructions but does not work either?

Any suggestions?

Perhaps Connect Vera and your tablet to a wi-fi router? You wouldn’t need an internet connection for that.

Thanks, that works ok. But since Vera has a built in wifi port I was hoping to avoid having to bring the router along. Networking is not my thing - can the router be eliminated?

What do you have the network settings setup as on Vera? For example do you have it setup for dhcp? I believe when vera is not on a network to get an ip address, she defaults to You’ll need to connect to veras wifi and have her assign ip addresses. Or when connected to her via wifi, have your android tablet’s ip set to, gateway as, netmask as, and point the android web browser to

  • Garrett