access vera through mios server ui5 [SOLVED!]

I’ve been away from these forums for ages and lost touch a bit. Its just come to my attention that ui7 is current and i’m still on ui5. However, i see many comments reporting that ui5 is still good enough for many purposes and not worth the upgrade.

Anyhow, i’m trying to ascertain the status of some devices over the internet using:
as stated in the user guides. This returns nothing although incorrect username/password does return info telling me of bad credentials.

Could anyone give please tell me the simplest way to get the status of one or two devices.
It works fine on my local network (as i only need the ip address and not the un/pw)


Found the solution!, thanks to @amg0 ;D
The user (me) needs to ensure they are using the correct mios server as there are numerous,ie,
Where ‘X’ is a number that needs to be correct and may vary between users.

Note that the format of the forwarding server can vary and isn’t necessarily fwdX. If you type http://:3480/data_request?id=user_data&output_format=xml into your browser then you can see a variable called RA_Server which will give you the result you need. There’s loads of other interesting stuff in there too!