Access USB Stick remotely

Hi, I have a Veralite where USB stick is connected via US HUB for DataMine. All works fine. Only question is what is the easiest way to access the USB stick remotely (from a PC on the network)? I have tried to use WinSCP as root and I can browse through many things but with surprise I found /dev or /mnt empty! In fact I was expecting to find sda1 in /dev since this is what I have configured in DataMine and it seems to work fine. So any easy suggestion. Thanks

It will be mounted under the root directory called datamine or something similar. If you log into vera via ssh, issue a df and it should show you where it is mounted.

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Found it. thnaks for the help. The format of the file is surprising me. I was expected something simpler like timestamp, name, value, unit… something like this. Anyway should be able to find ways to use them. Thanks again