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Reactor is a programmable logic plugin that responds to a set of configurable conditions and performs configured actions. Using boolean logic (AND, OR, XOR, NOT), users can easily create complex rules to drive automations easily. It is designed to be light on system resources, responsive, and easy to learn.

Reactor can be installed from the Vera Plugin Marketplace, or for users of ALTUI (on Vera or openLuup) via the AltAppStore. You can also grab the latest release from the Github repository and install it manually. The repo’s stable branch contains the most recent updates that pass basic QA.

I will ignore, and possibly delete, support requests that do not meet the minimal guidelines. Also, please understand: I built Reactor as a tool for you to build logic, not for me to build logic for you. I am happy to answer questions about how one might go about doing things conceptually, or specifics of how Reactor does things, or research things that are reported as possible bugs, but I will not solve your logic problems or provide canned solutions. The community must also support this product, so please give them that opportunity by posting your questions publicly; even if I end up providing the answer, it is then available for everyone to see. I will no longer respond to private messages with Reactor questions.

Documentation: Reactor Docs

YouTube Tutorials (new): ChannelPlaylist

PLEASE DONATE TO SUPPORT THIS PROJECT. Reactor is free to use, and I have no plans to ever charge for it, but if you find it useful, please make a small donation to support its ongoing development.

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