A way to post informations to vera ?

Is there a way to send real time information to vera from an external program ?

To be more accurate I need to send an trigged alarm to vera from a perl script.

Is there a process to do that in vera.

What I see in almost cases is that this is vera which get information.

So any idea ?

thank you.

Hi gilles,

Sure. If you want to send information to a plugin, you can do it through the HTTP interface. The mechanism is exactly the same as, say, setting the on-off state of an appliance. See here.

If you want to send custom data, you will need a custom device D_foo.xml, with a custom service S_foo.xml, and custom code in I_foo.xml to act on the incoming data.

Hi Futzle, nice to read you.
Thank you for your link.
After reading that, I remember a virtual device state. So I use it and it works perfectly. I’ve just to code my perl script to use http post to vera.

Thank you again.

Hi futzle,

It’s done, now zoneminder inform vera if there’s an alarm.

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