A really basic question ....2 gig vs. vera

I’m new to all this and want to get into home automation. I already have a 2 gig home security system with the capabilities for z wave add ons. How is vera better/different than what I already have? Is it the breadth of functionality and programability with the vera? The better user interface? I already know that I will be paying an additional $5/mo if I add z wave functionality to the 2 gig…but that alone doesn’t justify buying a vera. Of course I ask this question AFTER buying a vera the other day…expecting it to be delivered today!

Maybe this will help justify the fact you already did the right thing… :smiley:

I do not have a 2gig but I do have a GE XT Simon with the zwave. I also have 3 Vera’s. The zwave functionality is almost useless on the GE Simon XT (I think it is the same as the 2gig). While you can turn or off a light remotely or based on a motion trigger you cannot do anything that is conditional, multi lights, smart, cool, etc… With Vera you can build interfaces to control AV equipment, Plus your lights pretty much anything.

Cool. Thanks for the reply. I suspected as much when I compared the amount of documentation on what can be done with the vera vs. what little is out there on the 2 gig system. :slight_smile:

And the great thing is this forum. If you can think it up, it has either been done or someone also wants to do it and will help you.