A pushbutton or NFC way to turn off everything from bed

My wife is embracing the “automation toy” but in building our home, she is curious as to a scenario.

She would like to have a 2 button switch or maybe a NFC tag that she can toggle a “put the home to bed” scene and a “wake-up scene”.

Anyone have any thoughts about the best way to accomplish this?

If you have an Android device, you can get the app “AutHomationHD” and place a widget for each scene. Just press the button on the phone and the scene runs. I highly recommend AutHomationHD, Garrett’s done wonderful work with it.

Sadly we are an iPhone family

If you have UI5, try an Aeon Minimote.

It’s a lot faster than unlocking a phone, has 4x buttons (press On, press-hold Off) which just activate scenes of your choice.