A Little Lighting Selection Help

I am looking to update several of the Z-Wave Dimmer Switches that I currently have (Evolve) that seem to continuously fail. I am hoping for a few opinions on replacements.

1.) I need 3 main switches (1 controls, 1 light) the other two control cans and need 2 accessory switches each.

2.) I’d like something that does Instant Status, so I can use if for scene triggering.

3.) Something that you would consider “reliable” not needing to be replaced every so often.

Thanks for the suggestions.

There’s only two that offer Instant Status, at this time. Leviton Vizia RF+ and Cooper.

I thought the Homeseer HS-WD100+ could support instant status?

This chart indicates it can, but perhaps its a Vera limitation?


Works withe HomeSeer, no Vera.

What defines whether Vera can have instant status for a switch or not? I’m curious about the newer Zwave plus switches coming out from GE/Jasco. They support command classes 133 and 89, the association and association group info. They seem to use group 1 which presumably the controller will see. Will this be enough for Vera? Do you know specifically what Vera is looking for to support instant status?

I honestly don’t know, I assume the hardware would need to be there, is that the Class(es) your refering too? anyone know?