A little help with realizing my vision :)

I’ve got a vacation rental. I’ve installed a Schlage BE469 CAM 716. Using the Vera app, I can easily lock/unlock the door remotely. I’d like to be able to remotely assign a PIN code for the lock and then track the usage of that PIN code (ie when “8857” unlocks/locks the door.) I’d like to be able to add a new PIN or delete one remotely.

I’ve got the VeraEdge, Schlage lock, and am using the Vera app on my iPhone. I’ve not figured out a way to do this in the app. Am I missing something (like you cant do this) or am I doing something wrong? Is there another app I should be running that would let me do this? Did I just buy the wrong pile of parts for what I wanted to do?

I’d appreciate any guidance on how I might solve this. It’s neat to be able to remotely lock the door (and see if it’s unlocked) but that’s not everything I was hoping to accomplish.

I’ll be grateful for any guidance or opinion.

I do not believe you can assign PIN’s to a door lock via the Vera app or third party app. To my knowledge you must assign pins using a browser logged into your Vera. The Vera app is for controlling your system. Not setting it up.
Just log into your Vera using your mobile devices web browser to assign a PIN.

For notifications of when this PIN is used, just set up email notifications to you on your mobile device when this PIN is used. You can even create a filter in your email system to filter these emails to one folder for easy access.

I too would like to be able to set PINs via the app. This is NOT device setup, it is a key function of the lock. Every other HA system allows PIN entry via mobile and it is in the controls section of the device, not under settings since it is not a setting.

I don’t think that Vera can consider this device supported if they are unable to take advantage of the most important feature of the lock. Unlocking the door from your phone with several steps is not all that useful, it is setting PINs, especially temporary ones for guests, that is useful.

Are there any developers left who work on this sort of thing?

You cannot do it form the mobile app but you can from the website: Login