A Little Help: How to start with temp/humidity and ethernet gateway

Everytime I begin the process to wanting to build Arduino sensors, I get lost in exactly what I need to purchase.

What do I need to build an ethernet gateway to my Vera3? Is it possible to do POE as well? I’d also like to have a nice case to put the gateway into. I don’t know which arduino: nano, uno r3, mini.

I would also like to have 2 temperature/humidity sensors. One I’d like to have a sensor mounted in a humidor and the other in my garage. With the humidor, it would be nice to have an outside LED display. I see the receivers/transceivers but are these only on the sensors or does the gateway need one too?

If you have not looked at the mysensors.org site, I suggest that you do.

There is a wealth of information there and what you’ll need to buy.

  • Garrett

I’ve looked at mysensors.org but quickly get overwhelmed with too much information

Oh well, I’ll take it slow and see where i can go.

Perhaps first step is just the pieces for an ethernet gateway, i’ll keep searching

Maybe you started reading in the forum instead of the website? If you go to Build = Fun | MySensors - Create your own Connected Home Experience you will find every step explained.