A few questions about user interface and programming

A few questions about the Vera user interface

Q1: What is the function of all the “GO” buttons? I click on them and nothing seems to happen.

Q2: In the Thermostat device window there are two areas where number/temperature are present - one is blank where a number can be entered, the other has a number already in it. What do these two numbers represent?

Q3: I have a Wayne Dalton Thermostat. It is is set up so that when sent a bluetooth command it will switch between two preset temp settings. One a higher temp and the other an energy saving lower temp. Using Vera and the user interface, how would I signal the thermostat to switch between those two settings? Also, is there an http/url that I can send from my web browser to Vera to cause it to signal the thermostat to switch between the two presets?

Q4: I have tried to sort through the logic of automating a device(s) to turn on and off using “scenes” as layed out in the user interface. I am sure there is logic behind the layout and the sequence of operations necessary to create these automations - it just seems to escape me. I want to set up a “Morning Scene” sequence of operations that turns on my coffee pot (appliance switch), living room light (appliance switch), portable space heater in office (appliance switch), and my computer (appliance switch). I want this sequence to “fire” in two possible circumstances. 1) at a present time in the morning and/or 2) when I send a command to Vera via html/url from my web browser to start the scene. Can some kind soul walk me through setting something like this up given the current user interface?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

~ John

“Go” button supposed to run commands part of the scene w/o event condition.

Lets say I have 2 scenes for the Holiday lights - “Lights On” turns outdoor lights on at 5pm, and “Lights Off” which turns outdoor lights off at 9am.
By clicking Go button of a scene you can run it manually.

Another example would be if you have a scene called “All Off”, which doesn’t have any events, but all the commands to turn all the lights in the house. So, when you click Go button it turns all the lights off.

Thanks denix, perfectly clear now. The thing that leaves me wondering is why they labeled the button “Go” instead of something a bit more self explanatory, like “Run” for instance?