A-couple of questions regarding the DSC plugin

Hi guys,

I just installed my DSC 1864 panel, PK5500 keypad, and TR5164 transceiver (with several wireless sensors). I have the DSC plugin working, but have a-couple of questions I haven’t been able to find an answer for.

  1. The DSC wireless sensors are supposed to report a low battery condition to the panel. And, in the notification tab for the sensor properties I see there is a condition for “Battery Level Goes Below”. But I haven’t seen anything in the documentation for the DSC plugin that it supports a trigger for low battery condition on the DSC sensors. Does anyone know if this is supported?

  2. I’ve noticed some odd behavior regarding moving DSC sensors (devices) between rooms. When I have a notification set up, and I move the device to another room, the notification message I receive afterwards does not reflect the new room, it still reports the old room. Even deleting the notification and re-creating it doesn’t work, it always reflects the original room that it was assigned to when I created the notification. The only workaround I’ve found is to clear out the “DoorZones” and “MotionZones” settings on the “DSC Alarm Panel”, save, add my zones back, and let the plugin re-detect everything. The only devices I have are DSC devices, so I’m not sure if this is an issue with UI5 on the VeraLite or with the DSC plugin itself. Has anyone seen this before?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated!