A button with a "push" state

Here is what I’m trying to do. I would be glad if someone could point me to a plugin that already implements this :slight_smile:

I have XBMC and a light.
When a movie is started I would like to turn the light off. When paused - turn the light on, when resumed turn the light off, when stopped/ended turn the light on.

Up to this point it can be done my XBMCstate plugin.

If someone changes the light state manually (using the physical switch) I want to suspend the scene and don’t touch the light for some period of time.

This sounds a lot like the smart-switch plugin, however as I understand smart-switch only supports turning the light on when a sensor triggered, it doesn’t support turning the light off.

Did you get this worked out? I am about to start playing with XBMC (or whatever it is called now? Kodi??).

I use PLEG plugin for these kinds of actions.

Basically it’s and advanced Scene.

I can help you get something with PLEG setup with a little more info.