A better way to look at logs?

I try to look at the logs through the vera UI, and at most I can only see the last hour or so because there is so much polling activity. I ask it to show the last 1000 events and I only get an hour of data.

I have “show polling activity” unchecked and “verbose logging” checked.

In my mind, this means I would not see any of the damn polls, but only actual events with the most details possible. Am I completely off base here? Does unchecking the “show polling activiy” check box not work? Does verbose logging really show you any more event details (it doesnt really seem to show much more that is useful)?

B0SST0N, just to corroborate: I tried viewing more than 100 events yesterday and (like you) Vera only showed me the same set as before. Changing to 200 had no effect.

Also, my ‘Verbose Logging’ has been stuck in the [checked] position for days now. Yours?

‘Show polling activity’ has nothing to do with the logs. It’s the little pencil and paper icon on the dashboard. Unchecking it should hide the icon. Verbose logging effects the amount of data in LuaUPNP.log. It won’t effect the list of events you see either. What it does is add a ton of extra low level stuff, like all the Z-Wave network traffic, so that if your box has a failure we can see everything that was going on. As a user, you probably won’t benefit from verbose logging–it’s really for the developers. You don’t want it on unless we’re debugging because when it is Vera generates a TON of traffic, logging every minute detail and every byte that crosses the Z-Wave network, so it’ll be using your internet connection constantly to keep uploading a continual stream of data to our tech support server.

Thanks for explaining MCV.

So, am I the only one whose “Verbose Logging” remained checked for days on end even though I had not initially checked it?! (Note: “Locked Log Levels” was UN-checked throughout.)

I’ve since un-checked “Verbose” because of what you point out, above.
Using .899…

thanks for the explanation MCV, all of that stuff makes sense now… it just didnt appear that way from teh placement and the wording. good to know.

B0SST0N, not to pile on even in the slightest, but I’m grateful that you pointed out yet another portion of Vera’s UI that “kinda sorta doesn’t do what you think it’s supposed to do” based on its placement and wording.

I’d have, for instance, expected “Show Polling Activity” to be nested elsewhere (perhaps even under each device). And clearly, “Verbose Logging” was ambiguous with regard to where the verbosity can be seen.

Perhaps I should attempt to solve my own mystery question, “Why does changing ‘100’ to ‘200’ before clicking ‘Show Last ___ Z-Wave Jobs’ not result in more items being shown?”

It’s peculiarities like this which may be fun for developers/debuggers, but make zero sense for end-users!

When I click on show Z-wave jobs under the Advanced, Logs, a new window opens with nothing but "date time’ at the top. Isn’t there supposed to be information here?

I was also mislead about the function of the check boxes on that log page. I unchecked SHOW POLLING ACTIVITY hit save and still see a lot of dancing pencils on the dashboard. Also don’t know what the lock levels check box does.

any help would be appreciated.

I was going to suggest to Librasun that we put MCV’s responses in the wiki but it seems to me this still needs clarification.