.862 Upgrade Carrier Does not save in UI

Topic says it all. You select the carrier press save and the UI does not reflect the Carrier.

I hope this is a non-obvious question:

Does a user have to upgrade Vera to .862 (or higher) in order to take advantage of the new mobile phone app? I’ve read all posts to date and this point remains vague (to me).

Of course, I’d love to try the app from http://findvera.com/mobile (just released), but have been postponing an upgrade of Vera’s firmware from .616 (which I’m happy with) to the Luup-enabled .862 revision.

Yes, the new apps only work with Luup. Luup is a complete re-write of the backend and the API.

I may have inadvertently side-tracked Bill’s question at the top of this thread… namely, that the cellular carrier does not get reflected in the UI.

Bill. Aaron … did you since some to some understanding about this issue?