7 button scene controller & SONOS breaks

I have a Enerwave ZWN-SC7 (many actually). One I dedicated to controlling my SONOS.

1=play 2=pause
3=vol - 3=vol+
4=prev 5=next
7th big button for power

Added a scene for each and it worked really good. Then broke, nothing works. I check the scenes and when it is broke, the sonos plugin PLAY and Pause button are both pressed (highlighted). I fix it, validate it, let it set for a moment and the scene works again.

How do you suggest I fix this? I really enjoy having physical buttons next to my light switch for SONOS control.

Is your Sonos on a reserved IP address on your router?
Most ofthe problems I had with my sonos reliability went away when I made sure it was always on the same IP address. In addition, check that all your firmware on your sonos is up to date by running the sonos app. It may be throwing warnings or errors that it needs to be updated that the plug in doesn’t catch.

I think you’ll find that everything but the volume +/- will work just fine. I’m not sure once you press the volume up or down button, it will register again until something else has been pressed. Occasionally, mine will act as though all buttons have been pressed, they all light up. I simply wait a second and push the button I wanted again. I use PLEG to catch the trigger and run the scene from there…

I full well understand static or dynamicly assigned IP’s via DHCP. That is not the issue here.

What is the issue here is the scene I build actually gets modified. I write a scene that pushes play > assigned to button 1. It will work for a half hour or so. After it is not working, I edit the scene only to find BOTH play and pause button depressed. I release the pause button on the scene and I will once again get it working for a short time only to find it broke once again.

I am sure there is another way to do it. Luup or Pleg. If someone could be so kind as to spoon feed me, I would love to try.

after creating and saving the scene, go back into the scene editor and select the advanced option. Make sure it doesn’t have multiple actions listed, if it does, delete the incorrect one and re save the scene.

I have found the Sonos UI doesn’t work well in the scene wizard, I always just skip through the wizard and only edit scenes using the advanced editor, prevents you from getting double commands and other strangeness.

It is unlikely the scene is getting edited, it was probably wrong in the first place. The advanced editor will make it more clear what your scene is actually doing and how to fix it.