7.1b3 breaks iVera

Just as an FYI for those interested, the new beta 3 of iOS 7.1 breaks iVera. It lets me log in just fine but none of my devices show up. I just get a blank list. Have had to switch to automator.app for the time being, which is a bummer because I still think iVera is by far the best app of its kind.

I honestly didn’t know people still used it.

Yes we do. It’s still the best and the most convenient remote control app.

I guess developer exercised his stock options, good for him…

Debatable, I suppose. I paid for it quite a while ago, but I never use it.

For me it’s an “Every Day Carry” app.

My Vera setup goes well beyond switching lights. Among other things it notifies me when my mother in law (she lives with us) presses panic button on her pendant. This event also opens front door’s lock providing access for paramedics, police etc. Plus water sensors and smoke detectors.

Miracles happen, hopefully iVera will be upgraded to iOS8 as well.

You should try HomeWave.

iVera is working on iOS 8, although I did have the problem of it force closing at first. Uninstall the app and reinstall it and it should work fine again.

Thank you, great news!

Apparently iOS 8 provides better backward compatibility comparing to iOS 7.