7.0.21 lost all my scenes and seem to have bricked my Vera 3 [resolved]

I upgraded to 7.0.21 on my semi test Plus and Edge and on the Amazon side all scenes’s have vanished. Attempts to relink my devices/scenes on the Vera server side (where they still show selected) result in a ‘cannot link your skill, try again later’ error. I should have know better and let someone else be on the Bleedin’ Edge. I lost all my Sonos voice control due to the disappearance of the scenes as well… And just when I got my Amazon Wand that works great for controlling my HA…

Update: My scenes somehow appeared back on the Amazon side but the ‘turn on’ command is not working.
Also my Vera 3 seems to have bricked herself sitting on a green/red blinking power LED. I can’t even SSH into it…
Looks like I will be migrating it over to the Edge. Not going to be a fun couple of nights unpairing all devices and then re-pairing them to the Edge.

Hi there,

I’m really sorry to hear this,

Have you tried the restore procedure ? See attached pdf file.

Also, if you had any USB flash drives, and removed it in the meantime, please plug it back in. Then try the restore procedure.

John, thanks for the document. Luckily this is one tough little Vera. I let her sit overnight and noticed this AM she responded to the minimote I use to open and in this case close the garage door. I also received a ‘geofence exit’ and the camera’s were working again.So I was hopefull she recovered herself at least partly.

I just got home and did a full check. She’s up and running and even seems to have upgraded herself to the latest firmware. I just manually forced an upgrade on the Alexa helper app on all of them and I once again have voice control. Thanks for fixing that issue so quickly…

Indeed, these older units are tougher than adamantium ;D

But if things are hot don’t hesitate to give a call to our CC team as well.

John, will do. But with the Alexa skill now having door lock support, it’s time to migrate both my Ui5 and Ui7 vera 3’s to my ‘test’ Vera plus/edge combo.

On related note, the 2GIG support in the new firmware will that also work for those devices on the Vera Plus?

I’m afraid 2GIG devices won’t work on VeraPlus, as it’s missing the required VeraLink radio. That’s if you’re referring to the 345Mhz devices.

Rats, I forgot about that radio. Oh well… Thanks for the info John.