64 bit iOS apps for OS11

I’m a bit behind the curve here, but am running a Vera 3 with UI5. I’ve built a ton of custom plug ins for integrating whole house audio/video and many other things. I’ve been utilizing Automator.app which has been unsupported for the last two years. One great thing anout this app is it supported custom plug-in capabilities. I’ve long known that with iOS 11, a 32 bit app such as Automator.app would not be supported any longer. Are there any apps that support custom plug in functionality?

Could you elaborate more on what sort of things you are looking to do ?

You can try altui plugin. it works on iPhone iPad and any other form factor devices. Even though not technically a native iOS app, you can save an icon to it on your home screen and because it is a one page app just doing ajax calls, it is close to the native app user experience

I just upgraded to IOS 11 and the Automator app no longer works. I downloaded the Vera app. It asks me to login and I used my old MIOS ID and PW but it doesn’t accept it. Is there another app I can use on my iPhone? Thanks

You can use Veramate for UI5 and Ui7. It was just upgraded for iOS 11. It will still ask you for your login.

It worked. Thanks