433 mhz hand held

How can I control a scene with a 433 mhz hand held?

The first thing I would try is to enable AutoCreate and then press one of the buttons on the remote. Wait a few seconds and then press the same button again. The look for a newly created device. It will appear on the Devices tab under No Room.
What kind of remote is it? Did it come with a device?

It is an Intertechno IK-200 hand held, yes it comes with rf bulb on/off. But I want to use that hand held to control an existing scene not rf bulb on/off.

Yes it created RC/L1.1/A device and after that?

When I use to determine the code of the hand held with RFXmngr at the windows patform, it says ;
12.12.2020 10:06:26:947= 0710010041010170
Packettype = Lighting1
subtype = ARC
Sequence nbr = 0
housecode = A
unitcode = 1
Command = On
Signal level = 7 -64dBm

but vera says it is RC/L1.1/A device. Is not it strange

OK, done. After vera created the device i built my scene successfully. Thanks tinman for guide me.