404 error url not found in Initial set up

My new Vera lite is connected to net work, all 3 lights are solid, however I cannot even get to the setup page (it shows URL not found). I’m puzzled. I had another Vera lite before and was set up without any problem (gave the old one to family).
I have tried reconnecting a few times. And a desk top connect with Ethernet had same issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Micasaverde has been having DNS problems the last couple of days. It should clear itself up automatically. Rebooting all your equipment (router, PC, Vera) may speed things up (but may not).

Thanks for the info. I’m still unsuccessful at connecting today. You would think there should be at least an announcement at the website if there is a problem…

Did you also try to add www in front of the URL? This should work: www.micasaverde.com/setup

It is working now. Thanks. But seems my unit is bricked after attempting to upgrade to latest firmware.
Is factory reset the only option? Thanks a lot.

Ggyy007 please open a trouble ticket from Account > Tech support or send us an email to support@micasaverde.com .

I just did. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon. Thanks

check the VPS, reload the files.

I am a little confused reading this thread. Can’t tell if the OP is seeing the 404 on the micasa company server or from his personal Vera3 interface.

I have been using my Vera3 for some time and it has been working really well. Today I thought it best to look at the firmware for newer versions and my Vera3 displays a 404 error when I try to access the firmware tab under settings. Any thoughts on how to get the Vera3 to display it’s firmware information and/or upgrade if needed?

Thanks in advance.