4 in 1 sensor and schedule

I have the 4 in 1 sensor, I tried installing pleg but it says device not ready when I click armed and when I click inputs then it just says opening pleg inputs and nothing happens, what can this be?
What I want is that if a light on a schedule from 8pm to 11pm is set and after 11pm I want that when the sensor is tripped to turn on that light. Hoiw can I make this happen? THX

Did you install the program logic core plugin?

  • Garrett

Yes I have, it says opening pleg inputs constantly.

Did you Reload Vera?
Did you use a browser besides Internet Explorer?
Did you clear the browser cache?

Yes I tried all these suggestions and still same thing. It says opening inputs or device not ready. I uninstalled and reinstalled with same results.

Go to the APPS page … Make sure you have BOTH plugins:
Program Logic Event Generator Version 5.1
Program Logic Core Version 5.13

Click the Reload button … upper right corner.
CLOSE the BROWSER (All Windows) completely! (No other browser instances opened!)
Open the browser and try again.

Thanks Richard, got it to work through your instructions.
Can you give any advise how to create a scenario that if a motion is tripped that a light goes on ?

This is quite easy with PLEG or a Scene. I will explain both. If you want to do this only at Night … that’s when PLEG is much better than a Scene.
With a Scene. Create a New Scene.
Add a Trigger … when Motion detector is tripped. (
Add an Action to turn on the specific light.
With PLEG it is very similar.
Add an Input trigger call it Motion:
Motion When the specific Motion detector is tripped.
Add a Condition:
LightsOn Motion
Add an Action for Condition LightsOn
Turn on the specific light.
Now to do this only at night.
Install the Day or Night Plugin. Make sure the Vera TimeZone and Location are set in your setup for Vera.
Add a new (second) Input Trigger to the PLEG called Night:
Night When Day or Night indicates night.
Modify the condition:
LightsOn Motion and Night

To do this with a Scene you would have needed to use LUUP coding.
Now lets turn that light off … Let’s say 30 minutes after last motion.
Add the following condition:
LightsOff LightsOn; NOW > 30:00
Add an Action to LightsOff to turn of the specific light.
Now if you want to ALWAYS turn that light off, 30 minutes after it was turned on, even if you turn it on manually:
Add another Input Trigger:
LightIsOn When the specific Light is turned on.
Modify the Condition:
LightsOff LightIsOn; NOW > 30:00