3way lighting

I’m getting my butt kicked trying to get a zwave switch upstairs, and an add-on switch down stairs. Problem is, the downstairs switch Is using the white wire (marked with black tape). I’ve included a diangram to show what I currently have installed. If anyone can be of assistance I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks

You didn’t state which Z-Wave switch you are planning to use. This is critical as the 3-Way wiring varies depending on the Z-Wave switch manufacturer.

If you are using the GE/Jasco kit, see the attached diagram. If you are using something else, then post the precise make and model that you are attempting to install.

Sorry for the delay but I’m using the GE 12724222 3 way dimmer and the GE 12723 add on switch. Both require a neutral wire witch I don’t have at the switch at the bottom of the stairs. They are using the wire wire as the common wire, and have wrapped the white wire with black electric tape.

If your existing circuit indeed matches the diagram that you posted, then you can reconfigure your wiring and wire up your GE switches with the diagram that I posted. But you cannot simply change out the switches and match colors. You have to reconfigure the wiring throughout the circuit. Notice the wiring changes within the light fixture.

A white wire with black tape is used to designate that the taped white is Hot(Line or Load) rather than the typical Neutral. If you look at your diagram, you’ll see that the White/taped is connected to the Black Load in the light fixture. The tape is an indicator that the White’s function has now changed to Hot. This has to be changed for the installation of the GE switches.

Connect the Whites together, as depicted in my diagram. (Remove the Black tape, after you get it working.) There will be three white wires in the bundled connection at the light. The Black wire that use to go to the taped White at the light fixture, is the Load wire and it now goes straight to the light.