3rd reality zigbee switches (gen 2)

I am unable to control 3rd reality zigbee switches with Alexa. They work very well with Vera but they do not show up in Amazon controllable device list when I try to add them to Alexa using “Manage Alexa” option.

Go to your device’s advanced settings, and look for category_num and subcategory_num. Be sure they’re set according to this table:

Vera’s Alexa plugin will control devices in categories 2 and 3.

I set category to 3 (Switch) and subcategory to 3 (In-wall). Still no luck. Thank you.

Wait and do a scan again from Alexa.

Tried that. No luck yet though. Thank you.

Got all the switches working finally. I have never seen this kind of customer support from any other company in my life. These guys never give up till they get things working. Today I am so glad I chose Vera controller years ago over all the others. Thanks again Esteben and Leonardo for your efforts. I give it a 5 star.

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