3A Nue ZigBee ZLL Socket

The seller on Amazon claims that this device will work with Vera. I purchased one and it connects to Vera easily as a generic Zigbee device but then Vera repeatedly displays “Waiting for wakeup to configure device”. This situation has appeared often in the past with various devices. I’ve read that Vera may be attempting to automatically configure this device but it’s failing. Is there some way to resolve this issue? I’ve seen some code that was used on ST here: Control US/CA 3A Smart ZigBee 3.0 Plug / Outlet with SmartThings - #8 by 3asmarthome - Connected Things - SmartThings Community Perhaps the information there will provide a clue to what needs to be done to allow this device to work with Vera.

I have manually configured a number of zigbee devices. If it is just a socket switch, I believe it should work. It is likely failing because it is not recognizing the device. You may need to tell it what device file and device type it is. Then it will complete the configuration.

I gave up and returned it to Amazon. It’s just too frustrating trying to get devices that almost work to actually function.