3 years of working fine

I have a vera 2 with sub stick attached and it has worked nicely on my 30 wall switches, thermstat, and door lock. I don’t do anything fancy, just light scenes and Door locking. It worked fine for 3 years. Fine not perfect. Last two days it has not sent out any scenes. I can view Vera in the browser but it will not send scenes or switches even manually triggered. I powercycled many times. What do I do next.

Did you make any scene changes or add any scenes just before the issue started? If so, look at when Vera boots on the dashboard and see if it complains about an error in scenes. If you change a scene and eg make a typo in the LUUP , it will save but on reload no scenes will run.

If you manually flip a switch, does Vera show the status change? If you flip a switch via Vera does it tell you OK or does it give an error?

I’m assuming by sub stick you mean USB stick? Is that a zwave stick or a standard USB stick for logging? If the latter, perhaps the stick has gone bad/wore out and needs replacing. Have you tried configuring Vera to run without that USB stick? If a zwave stick, could it have gone bad?

If not any of the above, I would suggest to contact Vera support.

Got new USB stick and reloaded from a previous automatic backup. I did not realize it backuped every night. Good feature. All is well. Don’t know what caused the problem and hope it does not return soon.

Yup and it stores it on the vera server even without a usb stick. If something happens it takes like 3 min to run a restore from even a few weeks back.

I don’t think alot of people know about this.

Glad to see you back up and running.