3 way dimmable light switch

Before I take the plunge and go full smart home I want to test a couple of lights using the Alexa hub but I want to make sure I can use them also with Vera.

3 way dimmable lighswitch with I don’t have wiring for the second 3 way switch so I am looking for a wireless one that can act as a 3 way.

The next switch is for another room and and also dimmable.

I would like all 3 switches to look the same.

Any help much appreciated.

take a look at lutron casseta switches, you will need a pro hub to interface with vera but it’s reliable and adding wall switches is easy with remotes. Plus if your you house is older you don’t have to worry about having a neutral which is why I started using them,

Yep if you want wireless/battery powered 3 way.

Either the Caseta with the Lutron bridge.

Or you can use the Cooper/Eaton RF9500 Battery powered dimmer it is z-wave and uses direct association to controll the wired z-wave dimmer.

Both Caseta and Cooper have very unique looks however that are not going to match well with other switches.

The likes of Fibaro’s modules can be wired to multiple switches