3 phase z wave motor control.

I am building a remote for a 3 phase 208V fan. I have a Starter with with a 120V coil on it to run the fan my problem is running the starter. I have a GE Zwave appliance module to hit the 120 on the coil, I want to switch it from 2 locations. Remotes will be in a shop area so getting 120 is no problem but battery operated would make install easier. I was looking at these (Leviton VRCS1-1LZ) but it looks like I need the Leviton Programmer to get it programmed. I can’t find a reasonable priced keychain I really only want one or two buttons. Don’t really want to spend more than $50.00 per remote.

This forum was great at helping me get my vera up and going so I figured someone would have a good idea what I should buy to use as my remotes.


The Leviton one scene controllers can be programmed with Vera, you do not have to have the leviton remote. Vera has trouble with the four scene controllers. Keep in mind that the appliance module can be turned on and off with any IPhone or similar phones running an application called SQ Remote. This might eliminate the need for the keychain. The Wayne Dalton keychain would work if you added the wireless gateway…not sure what that runs.
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Also, Intermatic HA-09’s are cheap and plentiful at $10-15 (eBay). Or find the nearest Radio Shack and clean their shelves (lots of remotes still out there for $10). The GE battery operated 4-button scene controllers are little pricey, but still cheap by comparison, even think they have a hole or two on them for adding to a keychain :wink: (I was really recommending them for the walls, but I might try this later when I get home :stuck_out_tongue: ).