3-in-1 temp and light level stuck

My HSM100 sensor is stuck. Even though it shows a green cog and a full battery, it reports Level=50 and 90ºF all the time. Any idea why it would stop sending current sensor data?

Battery level has not worked properly in any LUUP version for me. Possibly batteries are dead?

Check batteries - battery levels haven’t worked well in any software I have used - new batteries 98% - dead batteries 90% other HSM100’s sensors different numbers - have you tried to wake it up(blue button push) - that was also worked for me in the past :slight_smile:

Argh. Even though it had a green cog, it wasn’t working. And I have no idea how long it wasn’t working.

Last night I excluded it and then re-included it. That involves carrying it from its outside location to sit on top of Vera while it configures, then replacing it back outside. (How would I accomplish that for my vacation home when I’m not there?) Now it reports temp, light levels, and even turned on the deck lights as I stepped out the door this morning on my way to work. Yipee! And it shows a battery level of 100% which is pretty amazing after six weeks of operation. Unfortunately, I had to go back and recreate the scenes that use the little bugger, which becomes less fun every time I have to do it. I think we’re going to need to create a way to save these setups and have Vera alert us when something goes missing or it’s gonna be way too much work to maintain a functioning system over time.

One question: why did Vera continue to show a green cog even though the sensor wasn’t functioning correctly? Any ideas?