2xLRM plus LTM

Quick question. I want to tie 2 sets of light on separate circuits together. The one circuit is a 3 way and the other a single pole switch.
I want to connect a LRM and LTM on the 3 way and another LRM on the single pole. This will allow dimming of the 2 circuits separately. But I then want to tie the 2 circuits together so that I can turn both circuits on/off/dim from any of the 3 switches.
Is it possible?

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I don’t have any dimmers so I can’t speak to that but turning on or off both circuits when one of your 3 way switches is turned on or off could certainly be done with a scene. I assume there would be a way to set up a scene so that when one of your 3-way switches dim, the other dimmer will dim as well. Again, I don’t have any dimmers so I’m not sure about that one.

I’m not sure that this will work quite the way you want.

You can configure the LTM-5 to control either of the LRM-AS dimmers individually by setting Group ID 1 to one LRM-AS and Group ID 2 to the other. This makes both individual circuits behave like separate 3-way circuits.

In this configuration, when you single press the LTM-5 it will dim the first LRM-AS. Double pressing the LTM-5 will control the second LRM-AS.

Theoretically, you could configure Group ID 3 between both LRM-AS switches and the LTM-5 so that a triple tap from any of the three would control both LRM-AS switches together. But all that single/double/triple tapping is certainly going to be confusing and I’m uncertain that it will work quite right, as I’ve never tried this configuration. I also anticipate issues when you set the dim level on one circuit, a different dim level on another circuit, and then try to control them together.

It’s going to be confusing, but it might work.